What our clients are saying about our engineering and design process

Metco Made it All Workable


Jack Penman developed a computer unit, called the “Jackbord”, to drive all sorts of gadgets and robots – that kids could build themselves like an intelligent ‘Meccano set’.

Stepping Up to the Challenge

David Wills

Parliamentary Service looks after the Property and Facilities for Parliament. They had signed a project contract to replace large historic Metal Halide lights in Parliament House, and were heading down track when disaster struck – the main contractor went insolvent.


A Fitting, Elegant, and Practical Solution


Method Recycling provides recycle stations for corporate office spaces, in partnership with waste disposal companies to provide a complete solution for clients.

Enhancing Conveyor Belt Efficiency


Dyno are an inter-generational Kiwi company that designs and manufactures warehouse and distribution conveyor systems – cutting-edge solutions to optimise their clients’ productivity.


Kevin Halsall

Metco helped Omeo with the final development and production of this award-winning product that will transform the lives of paraplegics and special users around the world.

A Superior Ground-Breaking Product at Economic Cost


Voideck is an innovative platform that covers stairwell voids in upper stories of houses during construction – to prevent workers falling into them.

Bus Hubs

Greater Wellington Regional Council was

Greater Wellington Regional Council was undertaking a major revamp of its bus services, looking to improve service levels while cutting bus congestion in the central city. As a key part of this strategy, eight transit hubs were needed to connect suburban routes to high-frequency, high-capacity, central city services.

High-tech creations

A confidential client is at the forefront of a high-tech industry.

Having a mission-critical operation, the quality and precision of engineered components is paramount.

Their Manufacturing Engineer told us about his quest to find an engineering firm that could raise the industry bar and satisfy their stringent requirements…

Manufacturing for the NZ Army

The New Zealand Defence Force

The New Zealand Defence Force needs all sorts of modifications and ‘widgets’ for their vehicles and equipment to ensure they’re fit-for-purpose in deployments around the world. They have to be tough and reliable, surviving the deserts of Afghanistan to the icefields of Antarctica.

Inventor microwave antennas and components


The American telecommunications service provider AT&T had a real challenge to keep up with young Millennials at the annual Coachella music festival.

Cutting precision

Architectural Roof and Facade Innovations

In mid 2006, Hartmut Reichelt, ARFI’s co-founder, needed some laser cutting for their building cladding panels and ended up buying Metco’s old Trumph punching machine …

Architectural products


Kaynemaile had been ordering various items from different manufacturers and having to integrate these into their architectural mesh products – which was time-consuming and taking staff away from their core tasks. They found the perfect solution with different options available from Metco.

Fire alarm cabinets

Pertronic Industries

Some years back Pertronic Industries were often faced with the supplier remark, “your parts require a lot of production setup for the small quantities you order – this makes the parts expensive”. Metco countered all that, offering a far more cost effective solution.

Audio amplifier chassis

Pure Audio

Gary Morrison and Ross Stevens of Pure Audio were looking for a high quality chassis for their high-end audio amplifier for international markets, without breaking the bank. Quality was paramount and the surface finish had to look 100% close-up.

Designer furniture


Designtree’s co-owner, Tim Wigmore, had sourced parts for their designer furniture and lighting products from several suppliers. One part was a bit tricky, though it looked deceptively simple. His biggest mission was getting the required custom finish in small quantities… economically.

Pizza ovens


Mike Sarich took over a NZ franchise for an international pizza oven business that turned bad. There were major product supply and quality issues, such as surface cracking, resulting in lots of warranty claims. It was crippling for the business until Metco stepped in.

Security products

Challenger Safes

In 2015 Challenger Safes underwent a major transition from manufacturing to importing and outsourcing production of secure storage products for its clients in the banking and retail sectors. The business needed to find key supply partners …