Piazza said;

‘They’d upped our game’

The client need

Mike Sarich took over a NZ franchise for an international pizza oven business that turned bad. There were major product supply and quality issues, such as surface cracking, resulting in lots of warranty claims. It was crippling for the business and he didn’t think he could survive. Then he came across Metco and things changed.

The Metco experience in the client’s words

“Paul chatted with me over the drawing board about ideas for a better product, and Brent made some constructive comments to up our game, such as on the powder-coated base which he suggested replacing with zinc-coating or stainless steel to provide a better finish and avoid corrosion.

This led to developing our gas-fired ‘Gem’ oven in just one year, and then our ‘Coromandel’ commercial catering model. One great feature is the ‘lockable’ door to keep the fire safe in an earthquake.

They have really good machines and can do things twice as good as I can on my own.

We’re currently developing a burner unit which will save us a lot of cost from the currently imported one. We’re also looking at a new mobile oven model, and with their skills I know it’ll be workable, practical, and usable – development money well spent.

Although I’d be one of Metco’s smaller clients, I feel treated like a number one. If I have an important need, they’ll drop other things to respond – and never put me ‘on-hold’.

The guys are brilliantly talented at what they do – especially Paul with design, and Brent with production. We have a really great working relationship and I have a very high regard for them.”

The outcome

“With the quality they’ve put into our products, I haven’t had a warranty claim in 3 years. Word seems to be getting around about our ovens, and right now I’m processing some new orders all the way from The Netherlands.

Metco have gone the extra mile and fed lots into my business, so I really want to give something back. I’m very happy to give this testimonial and make them some free pizza from time to time!”