Market leading machining

With our cutting-edge machining centre technology, our expert engineers can manufacture products or components to your precise specifications – even to consumer-grade finish if required… economically

Driven by integrated CAD/CAM software, our 5-axis mill is able to produce highly complex 2D or 3D components that would be awkward or impossible with less advanced machines.

Ultra-precision is assured by an integral rotary/tilt table (providing 30% more rigidity), thermal displacement compensation, and double-contact tool holding. All components are Renshaw-Probe-monitored and rejected if 6 demanding criteria are not met.

Powerful production capability means bigger volumes, shorter lead times, and lower costs for clients. This is achieved by a high speed 42-position automatic tool changer and just 2 setups per item (compared to 6 commonly required in the industry) saving operator intervention time and giving sharper dimensional referencing.

We design and manufacture special jigs and fixtures for holding raw materials to ensure fast and easy processing for quality results.

Just about any material is workable, including Stainless Steel, Steel alloys, Aluminium, Brass, and plastics.

Doosan VC630 Machine Specifications:

  • Max machining volume: 730mm dia x 500mm length
    Max weight: 500 kg
  • Table size: 500mm radius
  • Tool magazine capacity: 42
  • 20,000 RPM

Okuma MB-56VA Machine Specifications:

  • Max machining volume: 1,050 x 560 x 460mm
  • Table size: 560 x 1,300mm
  • Tool magazine capacity: 30
  • 15,000 RPM

Deckel Maho DMU 50:

  • Max machining volume: 500 x 450 x 400mm
  • Table surface area 630 x 500mm
  • Tool magazine capacity: 16
  • 10,000 RPM

Micron VCP 600 – Ultimate accuracy in 3 or 4-axis machining:

  • Working travel: X: 600 mm Y: 450 mm Z: 450 mm
  • Tool magazine capacity: 30

“Paul spoke to us about what Metco could do with laser cutting and complex milling with minimal labour handling, in a way we hadn’t thought of.”

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CNC milling
CNC milling
CNC milling

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