Metco Engineering Five-star engineering capabilities Our 5,000sqm state of the art facility contains the most modern equipment available in our industry. We will provide the solution that exceeds your product expectations, no matter where you are in the world.

Intelligent manufacturing solutions – sheet metal fabrication  – precision engineering

Let’s put together the best of your ideas and ours with a ‘co-makership’ synergy. Based in Wellington, we work with clients across New Zealand

You might be amazed at how we can create such cost-efficient products for you using outside-the-square techniques you hadn’t thought of – possibly at lower cost than China… without all the hassles.

We can fabricate any steel, aluminum, brass, copper, or plastic components to your precise specifications. You’d be surprised at the consumer-grade finish we can achieve with our state-of-the-art fibre laser cutting machines, paint line, process automation, and quality control system.

By managing everything seamlessly in-house including prototype design and full engineering services, we make it easy and flexible for you to get the quantities you want… when you want.

Metco works with clients in Wellington, Auckland, and across New Zealand. You’ll get direct access to design, production and sheet metal fabricators, or delivery staff to ask questions or resolve issues whenever you need to. Come and talk to us anytime – we’ll even have a desk for you!

Our competitive edge makes us unique in our industry. We provide a full end to end service.


You dream it, we make it – any product you need using clever thinking and advanced machine technology.

Hands-on co-development

Where you can tinker with your prototypes and interact with R&D staff at your own desk in our office.

Direct communication

Free access to engineering design, production, delivery, or other staff to resolve issues any time you need to.

Competitive pricing

Through fully in-house operation, clever cost-efficient methods, and strong supplier relationships.

Quality precision

Utilising advanced CAD design, cutting edge fibre laser, automated CNC, and experienced know-how.

Complete end-to-end service

Total solution from concept to completion in a one-stop-shop, making it simple and easy for you.

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What our clients are saying about us ...

‘They upped our game’

“They have really good machines and can do things twice as good as I can on my own… with the quality they’ve put into our products, I haven’t had a warranty claim in 3 years… although I’d be one of Metco’s smaller clients, I feel treated like a number one.” READ MORE

‘Their vast engineering offerings suit us perfectly’

“Paul, Brent and the team are great problem solvers with a wealth of different knowledge and experience … We all know they are a leading engineering manufacturer, but it’s all about the relationship and customer experience. So many businesses would do well to take a leaf out of their book.” READ MORE

‘Invaluable in the design process’

“Metco engineering have provided innovative manufacturing solutions, from a design consultation perspective and manufacturing techniques on a number of projects I have been involved with.

The ability to gain access to Metco personnel at all levels has proved invaluable in the design process, as mechanical design requires interaction with the people involved in manufacturing components to enable “Process and QA control”.

Metco engineering is a forward thinking company committed to maintaining technology gains.”

Dave Hamilton, Triple D Design

Product Manufacturers

Our competitive advantage is your competitive advantage and profit

By outside-the-square thinking and cutting edge technology, we can produce components for your products with the quality you require at a lower cost – giving you a greater margin and/or more competitive pricing for your market.

Talk to us to share ideas, and together we’ll find an innovative cost-efficient design, which we can co-develop – with as much ‘hands-on’ involvement as you want.


Let us help you make a distinctive statement

With clever innovative design and leading edge technology, we can make cost-effective components to fit your vision – as avant-garde as you like – to make a mark on the architectural landscape.

With built-in safety, we’ll deliver to your specs and NZ standards. Together we’ll push the envelope to create something exceptional!

Government agencies

We’ll handle your large project – on time and budget

With smart, innovative, and efficient design, you might be surprised at what we can achieve on your limited budget. By managing the risks, we’ll take the stress out of the project, and you’ll have easy on-demand communication through the process when you need it.

Our diverse capability, large capacity, and precision quality are backed with careful project management to deliver on your requirements.

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supreme award winner
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manufacturing award winner

Technical expertise coupled with a down to earth, 'can do' attitude

“It’s great to have local sourcing for materials, with immediate access and communication if there are any problems … Metco’s ‘modern’ approach to business and customer relationships is spot-on, as is their total commitment to doing whatever’s required to make things work.”

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We supply over 600 clients with engineering services ranging from one-off commissions to contract runs of tens of thousands of units.

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