Precision Engineering, Sheet Metal Fabrication Services and Contract Manufacturing for clients in Wellington and throughout New Zealand

We offer all our capabilities as individual services including sheet metal services, but our specialty is providing end-to-end design and engineering service where we add value from initial consultation and concept design through to finished products.

Our Wellington-based team works with a wide range of clients and offers full engineering and sheet metal services including delivery to Auckland, Christchurch and across New Zealand.

“We really appreciate being able to call in anytime and say, ‘hey, what do you think about this’ or ‘can we do that?'”

“It’s great being able to talk direct to relevant staff for production, delivery and design issues.”
Pertronic Industries

Incorporating safety in design and manufacture

We understand the obligations on designers and manufacturers of plant and structures to ensure every part is safe for use in the workplace. Our proactive approach to health and safety gives our clients the comfort that they also are meeting their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Quality assurance – key to consistent client satisfaction

Ongoing quality control standards have been a key pillar of our success. We are currently adapting and standardising our QA system to an ISO 9000 accreditation.

“We talked to Brent who really understood what we were trying to achieve and bought into the quality we were looking for … a breath of fresh air.”
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Our Services


Free Consultation

Share your ideas with our designers and engineers

Bounce your thoughts off us and make the most of our wealth of experience and know-how to look at possibilities for your component or product. You might be surprised at what we can come up with together.

Concept development

Taking your ideas to the next level of definition

Using our state-of-the-art design capability with powerful 3D CAD/CAM software tools, we can convert your ideas into defined form. You can review and alter the details until your vision is fulfilled.



Prototype Creation

Putting a tangible model in your hands

We can take your component or product from digital concept to physical prototype – to hold in your hands. From there we can modify or improve it until you’re ready to have it manufactured.

Onsite Collaboration

With your own fully-serviced office space right here

Be close to the action at the ‘coal face’ developing your product step-by-step. Utilise on-the-spot communication, experimentation, and issue resolution – saving time and cost at the end of the day.


Quality assurance

Made to your specifications

Manufacturing on demand to your precise specifications

If you know exactly what you want for a product component, down to exact details, we’ll be glad to manufacture it for you in whatever quantities you require, whenever you need it.

Full end to end service

Project managed from start to finish, making it easy

This comprehensive full-service package is our distinctive specialty where we offer the greatest added value – taking care of all the design and manufacturing issues, saving you the hassle.


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