The New Zealand Defence Force said;

‘They Show Us How it’s Done’

The client need

The New Zealand Defence Force needs all sorts of modifications and ‘widgets’ for their vehicles and equipment to ensure they’re fit-for-purpose in deployments around the world. They have to be tough and reliable, surviving the deserts of Afghanistan to the icefields of Antarctica.

Ewan Conaghan, Manager Engineering Design, tells us about how Metco have helped them…

The Metco experience in the client’s words

Exacting Demands

“We design and prototype components suitable for manufacturing for the NZ Army. Our requirements are very demanding, as our vehicles and equipment go overseas into hostile environments and need to be relied on at a moment’s notice.

Our designers do their darndest to create components that are ‘soldier-proof’, environmental-proof, and still easy to repair in the field.

Our Medium Heavy Operational Vehicles require modifications to meet NZ road user regulations, but also to operate effectively overseas. Examples are internal cab mounts to retain weapons, first aid kits, vehicle documents, and personnel-issued equipment. Externally the fleet modifications include dangerous goods placards, antenna mounts, fuel can stowage and A-frame recovery stowage mounts.

Metco was initially contracted to manufacture a full complement of items for our vehicle fleet – from a prototype set designed, built, and trialled by the Amy.

Direction for Design

“We’ve developed a collaboration with Metco that works really well to get the best results.

When we need something new, we talk to the guys earlier rather than later in the design process. Paul and Brent are really good at understanding our needs to help us achieve our goals. They give us continual feedback to produce the best possible results.

Their ability to find the smartest ways to do things and simplify design is extremely valuable. They have fantastic machines, with operators who really know how to use them to best advantage.

We’ve come to trust them to set the industry standard. This enables manufacturing at optimum cost and timeframes – anywhere in the world.”

Agile Flexible Response

“Metco are ‘priority-driven’, so they can respond to our requests very quickly – which is really important to us. They put no restrictions on minimum quantities and can do low volume – economically.

They are really approachable, so I can pick up the phone any time and talk about issues. With other engineering companies in New Zealand or around the world, we’d have to have all our ‘I’s dotted and T’s crossed’ – fitting-in with rigid limitations and timeframes. Metco are in a different league, making life easier and saving a lot of stress.”

The outcome

They’ve Earned a Defence Industry Award

“Because of the security of our work, a relationship based on honesty and integrity is crucial. We have huge trust and respect for Metco. They’re in a class of their own, filling a large hole in the Wellington area.

We appreciate their outstanding capability, so will continue to use them and recommend them to others. They have won the Defence Industry Award for their ability to meet our demanding needs in engineering.”