“Fits in Easily, Holds Together, Looks Good”

The client need

Method Recycling provides recycle stations for corporate office spaces, in partnership with waste disposal companies to provide a complete solution for clients.

Method needed something simple and robust to join individual bins together to make a complete recycling station – but the trick was to avoid modifying the bins for fixtures as would normally be expected.

Steven Korner, CEO, talks about what happened…

The Metco experience in the client’s words

A Fitting, Elegant, and Practical Solution

“Metco collaborated with Globex Engineering and ourselves ‘seamlessly’ to come up with an Aluminium connector which worked better than we expected.

The big achievement was making it rigid enough to hold the bins together securely without having to pierce the bins in any way for screws or rivets. The anodised matt finish goes really well with the bins, so it all integrates nicely into a visually cohesive whole.

The bins and connectors provide a modular ‘building block’ solution which simplifies inventory, reducing the number of SKU codes. Also, the ability to stack bins and connectors tightly reduces our freight effort and costs.“

Keeping Up with Demand by Easy Logistics

“Metco has made it really easy for us by doing small batches with low minimum order quantities (MOQs) – way smaller than required for the long runs of injection moulded bins. They’ve also worked out a stocking strategy to reduce lead times for us.

Metco have been very adaptable and responsive to our changing needs, with a quick turnaround when the squeeze comes on with bigger volumes.

What we value highly is that they do all the sourcing, machining, and finishing themselves as a one-stop-shop – saving us the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers.”

The outcome

“The sleek modular design allows clients to create their own configuration of bin sizes and colours to suit their exact needs. The connectors are so easy to install that our clients can do it themselves to make up their recycling station.

Metco’s agile service has enabled us to deliver to changing demand.

Clients like our solution and business is booming.”