A confidential client is at the forefront of a high-tech industry said;

‘Super-agility to meet our exacting requirements’

The client need

A confidential client is at the forefront of a high-tech industry.

Having a mission-critical operation, the quality and precision of engineered components is paramount.

Their Manufacturing Engineer told us about his quest to find an engineering firm that could raise the industry bar and satisfy their stringent requirements…

The Metco experience in the client’s words

Under the Gun

“To be honest it was a rush job to find a new supplier after getting so far behind schedule. After just one hour on Google looking for a sheetmetal manufacturer that could deliver to our demanding standard at a competitive cost, I got lucky with Metco.

I initially tested them with our hardest component – a complex shroud. They managed to achieve it without needing a panel beater (as we might have expected normally). We worked through the issues that came up and they managed to perfect it in just two weeks, and then production within two days. Impressive!”

Quality Proven and Work Expanded

“When I attended the grand opening of their new facility, I was impressed with the logical layout of the workshop and the efficiency of the ‘single work flow’, and the absence of rubbish on the floor like I’d seen elsewhere.

As we got full confidence in Metco, and realised their versatile capabilities, we got them to do more and more parts for us.

We appreciated their ‘can do’ attitude, unlike the usual response of ‘takes too long’ or ‘costs too much’. They were prepared to do full quality-control certification, enabling us to track individual parts, all within a feasible timeframe and cost.“

Going outside the Square

“They were prepared to get new machines and change the way they did things – just to accommodate our needs. Real commitment and flexibility we hadn’t seen elsewhere.

They were happy to do things that others didn’t want to know about such as removing mounting tabs on parts, aluminium welding, cleaning, and coating. The complete one-stop-shop solution worked well for us, and they were willing to work in with our own subcontractors.”

Super agility

“Issues come up unavoidably with engineered parts, but Paul and Brent are really good at communicating so we can resolve them quickly.

Metco are a reliable supplier, with intricate attention to detail, knowing the ins and outs of our components.

The outcome

“Even though we are a production company now, there is always ongoing development work. This means making changes to parts continually, but Metco have been agile enough to keep up with all this, to our amazement”