“Authentic historical look with flawless performance”

The client need

Parliamentary Service looks after the Property and Facilities for Parliament. They had signed a project contract to replace large historic Metal Halide lights in Parliament House, and were heading down track when disaster struck – the main contractor went insolvent.

They were facing the prospect of having to start all over again, with wasted effort and big delays. David Wills, project manager, tells the story…

The Metco experience in the client’s words

Stepping Up to the Challenge

“Metco were a subcontractor, providing the mounting bases for the lights. Then they stepped up to take over the contract which would have been outside their normal comfort zone.

It was all very short notice and we did some quick negotiations. Metco now had to source and integrate the LED light fittings into the base mounts to provide a complete solution. That was a challenge because the lights are quite complex.”

Things Worked Out

“The contract was assigned and Metco went to work. A lot of lights were needed right through the corridoors, offices, and chamber.

Right through the project, Metco were very easy to deal with and their service level has been great. Always receptive to our requests and ideas, nothing has been a problem for them.

The whole project was delivered to requirements, on time – a complete success.”

The outcome

“The lights have been working well for 3½ years. We’ve made good savings on our power bills – from 800 watts per light, which is almost a bar heater, down to just 200 watts. Instead of replacing them every couple of years as before, they should last 8 – 10 years, and this is resulting in a reduction in maintenance costs and down time.

They look fantastic, really authentic, and nobody would know the difference from the original ones. Metco have done a superb job re-creating the historic character, totally achieving our vision and purpose.”