Automated laser sheetmetal production sets new bar in NZ

Metco has set a new benchmark for automated laser cutting of sheet metal – with it’s new 24/7 unmanned production system that can process about 100 tonnes of material over a weekend.

Paul Jessup, CEO, says “we can offer bottom line benefits of faster production, higher volumes, and reduced cost to clients. It’s a whole new scale of operation we’ve broken into, opening up much broader opportunities”

A cost cut of 60% can be achieved by the reduced setup time of 22 seconds per sheet – compared to 1.5 minutes without automation. This effectively means 85-90% time-utilisation of lasers, instead of 60-65% previously with just a pallet changer.

Metco have established a completely integrated production line with Trumpf equipment end-to-end, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

The key component to this new level of productivity is their material storage towers. The new Trumpf True Store 3030 facility can hold 51 pallets of 3 tonnes each. A built-in crane transfers pallets between shelves, and a Lift Master Compact efficiently transfers sheets automatically between the storage tower and twin lasers.

Staff are only required on site if any problems arise, with automatic callout by comprehensive machine alarms.

Metco are now positioned to accommodate much higher demands for large-scale projects in New Zealand and overseas.


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