Mark O’Donnell

‪General Manager‬‬‬‬‬

Mark is passionate about business and what makes business tick. He really enjoys the human side of his role and people’s many reactions to change and career journeys, particularly in relation to Metco’s staff.

Mark likes to see ultimately what everyone wants in the workplace: to enjoy themselves at work, be part of a successful team and most importantly, feel they contribute. He enjoys taking staff on that journey, however painful, to make a business sustainable with clear strategic goals for growth.

To Mark, life is all about people and business is a part of that equation. By getting the human side of it right, the business, its performance and quality of service prospers.

In Mark’s spare time he enjoys fishing and when it’s too rough to fish he’ll be sitting in his boat with a line out pretending to be fishing! He loves cooking for family and friends and his pavlovas are legendary.

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