Lloyd Still

Sales and New Business

Lloyd is another member of our team who was contacted by Paul and asked if he would like to join Metco, to lend a hand with sales and marketing. That was back in 2011.

Since then, Lloyd has settled into his role which nowadays has the most emphasis on new markets. Lloyd spends a good amount of his time proactively researching new opportunities for Metco and contacting potential customers. What Lloyd is looking to identify are markets where Metco’s capabilities can help customers produce their products, usually in a way they had not yet thought of. This of course equates to savings to the customer in time and money and can often also result in improvements to an existing product.

Lloyd keeps his ear to the ground, spending much of his time talking to people in the manufacturing business, keeping abreast of what is occurring in the industry. He’s particularly interested to know what people need and then explaining to potential new customers how the Metco team and our capabilities can better meet a customer’s manufacturing needs.

In the engineering sector things are constantly changing, which is where Lloyd plays a valuable part in keeping us ahead of that change. While change is monitored by Paul and Brent, it’s Lloyd who sells the processes (the results of our leading edge machinery) that Metco can offer.

While Lloyd is a trade qualified fitter and turner with more than 30 years of manufacturing management experience, he is more than satisfied with his role in sales. He is constantly amazed by what people are achieving with minimal resources and takes pleasure in offering up what Metco can do to help. Lloyd enjoys discovering these new opportunities that lead to great things and delights in meeting new people.

Mountain biking is Lloyds favourite leisure activity and he otherwise spends as much time as possible with family and friends.