Jayden Jessup

Manager of CNC Shop

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled technology) is a critical part of Metco’s production environment and Jayden is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of this department and these specialist machines.

Jayden plans and schedules our tool making projects, making sure production is completed on time. He’ll also individually quality check the wide range of parts the CNC shop produces, before mass production begins. You might speak to Jayden on the phone during this stage if anything needs a triple check, or he may contact you with suggested improvements on quality or cost competitiveness.

There’s always plenty going on in CNC and sometimes long hours are required to get the work out. Jayden thrives on the variety and challenges of his role which also includes generating drawings for products and plenty of client contact. He particularly enjoys figuring out the best way to machine a product, coming up with a viable, cost-effective solution.

Jayden used to spend all his time motorcrossing and did this full time, but with injury after injury, he decided he needed a less risky job. He undertook an apprenticeship with Metco and started full time here in 2008, qualifying in mechanical engineering and specialising in tool making.

A big fan of the outdoors and keeping fit, Jayden’s leisure activities include jet skiing, wake boarding, snow boarding, motorcross riding, fishing, golf, diving, running and cycling. He’s also making steady progress on completing his management diploma.