Brent Greer

Director and Production Manager‬‬‬‬‬

When customers come to Metco with their own design, if there are any follow-up questions related to the design, you’ll hear from Brent. Sometimes the odd detail has been overlooked or there are concerns over the design that become apparent as the job progresses.

Often there’s a means to produce a product a little differently in a way that’s going to be simpler and therefore more cost-effective. If so – and this happens more often than not, due to the cutting edge machinery available at Metco – Brent will find it and contact the customer to discuss a viable alternative or two.

In charge of production and scheduling, Brent assigns jobs to the team on the floor and makes sure jobs are progressing from one stage to the next, on time. Any potential problems are ironed out early on and Brent keeps customers informed with a due date.

Brent is proud of what Metco can offer its customers today which is in stark contrast to when he and Paul took over back in 2002. In those early days the two of them managed all the work on the floor and in the office, taking care of all aspects of production between them. They didn’t have the range of machinery or number of people that are part of Metco today: over 60 employees and over 800 jobs typically on the go at any one time.

There’s a lot Brent enjoys about Metco. He has always been passionate about making things and takes great delight in seeing products journey from the drawing stage through to the finishing stage. Problem solving and identifying solutions is part of his role; by understanding the client’s business and the functional aspects of their product/s Brent can identify opportunities to more easily make the product and therefore pass on cost savings to the customer. This constant improvement of service is something Brent takes real pride in, as is keeping customers informed and managing these important relationships.

Besides Metco, Brent’s other main love is spending time with his boys, aged 4, 10 and 12. If he can find a bit of spare time, he’ll happily factor in some quality motor racing time.