Brendan Jessup

Industrial Designer‬‬‬‬‬

Brendan’s association with Metco began in 2002, when he worked here part-time after school. Over the years Brendan has gained a broad and in-depth knowledge of the business, having worked from the ground up during those early days.

Influenced by a father who was an engineer by trade and coupled with a strong interest in design, Brendan set his sights on a Bachelor Degree in Design and achieved Honours, specialising in industrial design. He has continued to work for us to the present day, taking a brief bit of time out along the way to explore the world and do some travelling.

Brendan enjoys the challenges that come with his job; no two days are ever the same and with everything under one roof, there’s always plenty going on. He’ll be advising a client on different design options one day and the next, he’ll be hands-on, assisting with assembly. Client satisfaction is important to Brendan and he’ll always jump in and do what’s needed to help out and deliver a top quality product. His down-to-earth nature, combined with a natural talent of being able to turn ideas into practicable workable solutions which also look great, make him a real asset to Metco.

Brendan’s project managed a number of high profile jobs over the years including a nationwide Dulux roll-out of their ‘colour wall’ display. A number of elements had to be brought together on this project and on time, with the finished products distributed nationwide.

When Metco took over Perry’s Engineering contract work in 2014 Brendan worked evenings to manage the building work and get all the machines set up in the Metco CNC shop. He also teamed up with Mark to manage the big move in 2016 and was responsible for setting up the floor plan layout to ensure suitable workflow between the different production areas.

In Brendan’s spare time, when he’s not playing footie or on the golf course, you’ll find him actively looking for the next cutting edge piece of equipment Metco can utilise to keep its leadership position secure in the industrial design sector.